Mindset is Everything

Sit back for a moment and think about why you had children. Over the years we've heard everything from, "It was an accident!" to "I have a huge family. It never occurred to me not to have a family of my own." Honest answers, but they're not terribly inspiring either.

Nobody says, "I really wanted to spend three years of my life not sleeping and drowning in diapers and then another 16 years fighting with a smaller version of myself/my partner." Unfortunately, that's where many people find themselves in their parenting journey.

They're frustrated. They've lost perspective. You don't have to end up that way. If you're already there, then you're in the right place to get help.

You Have a Purpose as a Parent

If your children asked you why you wanted to become a parent, would you answer that question differently? Would you put a little more thought into inspiring them and making them feel loved and wanted? That desire to give them hope and purpose is a major part of becoming an effective compassionate leader.

The truth is you have a big picture, long-term responsibility to raise the next generation of confident, capable, compassionate citizens. It's a huge concept but it's also completely achievable for any parent with the right coaching.

There are challenges that come with raising children (understatement we know) but like every other difficult but worthwhile challenge in the world, your mindset determines your outcome. Parenting can be hard, but you can do hard things.

The Keys to Success at any Age or Stage

Many people become parents with a defensive strategy. We think to ourselves "we'll just deal with the issues as they come along." Right there is the first step toward a more difficult experience.

There are two essential points to achieving success for your family and truly enjoying your time as a parent.

  • Establishing a clearly defined strategy
  • Learning to put the challenges of into perspective so you can view them as opportunities

Sound like we're talking about bosses and leaders at the office? To a large extent we are! The same strategies that make someone an inspiring leader at work can make you an incredible family leader at home. 

This FREE minicourse is all about helping you see the forest for the trees. No matter the age of your children, you are a coach, a mentor, an integrated, inspirational, intentional parent, AND family leader.


Hello! We’re Elane V. Scott and Rick Stephens the co-founders of Birth2Work.

Our 40-plus years of leadership experience, in combination with our work collecting stories and data, interviewing experts, and working with whole communities and individual families—including our own!—is how we know what parents need to do, at every stage, to make sure children are ready to be successful and thrive on their own, no matter what the future may look like.

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