• Includes a self-assessment quiz to discover your own learning style and compare with your children and partner

  • Simple definitions for understanding the different types of learning styles and why knowing them can help your family communicate and work together more easily

  • Useful real-life examples of situations where knowing your child's learning style could ease frustrations and help you better engage
Teachers Principles


The learning style a person prefers can have a substantial impact on their education, professional life, and personal life.

Should they find themselves out of sync with their surroundings they may get frustrated and act out. But when information is taken in through their preferred learning style, there is an increase in their levels of comprehension, motivation, and satisfaction.

Preferred styles of learning are often quite different between parents and children. This can be a major eye-opener for frustrated parents.

By taking a few minutes to consider the different ways in which family members communicate and learn, you take a positive, productive action toward greater family communication, less frustration, and an easier future!

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