58 pages of incredible resources including:

  • the personal responsibility road map showing how tasks and expectations can be incrementally increased over time from age 1 to 18;

  • age-specific developmental milestones and appropriate actions parents can take at each stage to encourage specific skills;

  • suggestions for modeling successful behavior and having realistic conversations about responsibilities;

  • tips for creating the optimal learning environment and ways to expand your thinking on the value of basic tasks;

  • gentle strategies for enforcing consequences (not punishments);

  • responsibility ideas and checklists for age 1 to 18

Teachers Principles

Inside Stop Calling Them Chores

This is no ordinary sheet of tips and tricks! We created this guide so parents could finally have one complete resource at their fingertips. No more hopping back online to find another checklist somewhere without any context or support. No more searching for multiple lists for multiple ages.

Start with the road map to see the big-picture idea for developing personal responsibility, then flip to the section for your child’s current age. Come back to the same guide over and over again as your children mature.

It’s never too early to start modeling the behavior you want to see in your children (we give you plenty of ideas). It’s never too late to change your habits and give your teens the opportunity to show just how much they’re capable of (and maybe a reminder of how many more life skills they have to learn!).

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